Every morning I look at them. I am thankful that I have them. Then I feel sad, they are growing old. And growing old fast. My Mum’s once jet black hair has now turned Grey. Dad has slowed down on his pace of doing things. It’s hard to believe and is a visit to an alternate universe.

Every day that goes by scares the shit out of me. Both of them are senior citizens and I am always worried that the immune system is going down, the body is tending to give up. Call me a pessimist but I am not. It’s just too hard for me to accept. Last I properly saw them, both were young and taking life head-on. Eight years later when I am back home and living with them I realize,

Life has happened!

What adds to the trouble is I haven’t still grown up enough. I do feel sad they lost their first Son. How they handled that loss I have no clue. If he had been around, maybe they would be travelling the world (or could be suffering even more!). They would have a responsible son taking care of things. This reminds me every morning that I have a mental lag of about 10 years! I need to grow up fast. And quite frankly this is consuming me!