You prepare for the future, plan for it and if it happens it has to be yours!

Nothing particular is on my mind at the moment. I was just contemplating the importance of playing long-term and not losing the focus for short-term gain. Pleasure is a tricky business, one that most of us are driven by. Where did that come from? Hang on, it gets better.

While I was going through an online course in Law, there was one particular lecture that talked about what guides us towards what is right and what is not, what we call gut feeling in day-to-day life.

After an interesting debate, it was apparent that a man (and women, all Human beings for that matter) are guided in some way by pleasure and pain. We usually strive to maximize pleasure and minimize pain. The question then stands, how do we decide what gives pain and what gives pleasure? The answer is very interesting! Given an option to choose one out of the two experiences (after having experienced both), people usually choose the one that maximizes pleasure or minimizes the pain. By default! Consider for example you taste (for the first time in life, say) an Orange and a bitter Gourd, there is a significant chance that you’ll pick the Orange the next time you are asked. Convinced?