Mutex Vs Binary Semaphore

Ever wondered if binary semaphore can be used for mutual exclusion, why do even mutex exist? Well, mutex and semaphore are close but not the same thing and have a very important difference.


If you leave Important things at the mercy of unimportant things, then you are heading for the crater!
The Logical Villain

The Logical Villain

The World somehow always convinces you that in some sense you are falling behind. That you lack, your life sucks and you are the chosen one to be considered for an eternal doom.

FPGA: LUTs: A look inside

How does an FPGA look from the inside and how does it work? How is it that any digital circuit can be deployed on an FPGA? This tutorial presents the construction of an FPGA.

FPGA: Development Flow

The basic hardware development flow on an FPGA. The tutorial is based on the Lattice iCE40 stick. Introduces the development flow using the open source tool chain and demonstrates using a blinky program.
Trap of Time

Trap of Time

I caught myself thinking about life without my parents, just pondering on the possibility of being left alone to deal with life. It's scary!